10 Is Better Than 01 (What's Past, Book 5; Star Trek: Corp by Heather Jarman

By Heather Jarman

What's Past

A specific six-part S.C.E. occasion that flashes again to past adventures of the S.C.E. team from the twenty third century to the peak of the kingdom warfare, with particular site visitors from all around the superstar Trek universe!

2374: The planet Bynaus has continuously been a haven of order in a chaotic universe. Its population, the Bynars, reside in concord with desktops, functioning in binary pairs to maintain their society alive.

Two Starfleet officials arrive in an try to recruit Bynars for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers -- but if one of many capability recruits is located lifeless, it's as much as Citizen companies investigators one hundred ten and 111 to figure out the reason for dying. yet their research will cause them to a startling revelation that might rock Bynaus to its very center!

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They were sunk into a deep, circular vestibule, just below floor level, and swathed in shadow. Dim lights set into the edge of the vestibule cast weak illumination onto their faintly writhing forms. A skin of translucent, psychically conditioned material was draped over the trio of astropaths like a clinging veil. Beneath it, they looked like they were somehow conjoined, as if feeling each other’s emotions as one being. Other, less obvious, wards were also in place. All were designed to safeguard against the dangerous mental energies that could be unleashed during the course of their duties.

Cogitators set around the hub above them were spewing reams of data as the astropaths fought to control the visions rushing into their minds. Smoke clouded the already hazy interior of the psy-skin as it rose from their decrepit bodies. Consoles sparked and exploded as wrathful electricity arced and spat. It earthed into the wizened frames of the astropaths, carried by the wires and cables, now little more than human conductors for its power. As one, they threw their heads back and a backwash of pure psychic force was unleashed in a terrible death scream that resonated throughout the room.

The drone surged into the stratosphere, piercing cloud-like crimson smog. Through writhing storms of purple-black pollution and wells of geothermal heat that hammered deep bruises into the sky, it breached the freezing mesosphere, the drone’s outer shell burning white with effort. Plasma engines screaming, it drove on further into the thermosphere, the rays of the sun turning the layer into a blazing veil of relentless heat. Breaking the exosphere at last, the shuttle’s engines eased. This was to be a one-way trip.

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