100 Math Brainteasers. Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry by Zbigniew Romanowicz, Tom eMusic, Bartholomew Dyda

By Zbigniew Romanowicz, Tom eMusic, Bartholomew Dyda

100 Math Brainteasers (Grade 7-10) is a sophisticated collection of 100 mathematics, algebra, and geometry assignments, which successfully educate the brain in math talents. it will likely be priceless for college students attending highschool and in addition in practise for Mathematical competitions or Olympiads at a more youthful age. The assignments can both be utilized in the study room or in extracurricular actions. the joys and video games are pleasant, unique, and fixing them is much more stress-free due to the humorous illustrations.

Most of the maths difficulties don't require any unheard of mathematical talent, yet peculiarly, they problem one's creativity and talent to imagine logically. just a couple of solicit the information of algebraic expressions and ideas of geometry.

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Is it possible? 84. A CUBE WITH HOLES IN IT Several tiny cubes were glued together to form a 5×5×5 hexahedron in such a way that three hollow tunnels were created running across the whole solid. Their cross-sections were blackened in the figure below. Then, another such hexahedron was formed in the same way, also with hollow tunnels, but of a different shape. How many small cubes were used to build each of these hexahedrons with holes in them? And how many cubes form the hollow hexahedrons presented in the pictures below?

DIVIDE THE TRAPEZOID INTO TWO How can you divide the trapezoid into two parts so that after being folded, they will form a triangle? 69. , adjacent) parts. 70. CUTTING THE FIGURE INTO THREE A plane figure consists of two squares such that AB = BC (see figure). Divide the figure with two perpendicular cuttings so that after translation of the three parts, they form one square. 71. RECTANGLE OF SQUARES The rectangle presented in the figure below consists of six squares, the smallest of them having two-inch sides.

22. SAYS AGATHA Agatha says that if you write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in any order, you will always be able to cross out three of them in such a way that the remaining three should form a sequence either ascending or descending. Is Agatha right? 23. ONE SESSION AFTER ANOTHER During his five-year studies, a student passed 33 exams. Each following year, he wrote fewer exams than the previous year. The number of his first-year exams was three times greater than the number of his final-year exams.

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