1941: Texas goes to war by James Ward Lee, Carolyn N. Barnes, Kent A. Bowman, Laura

By James Ward Lee, Carolyn N. Barnes, Kent A. Bowman, Laura Crow, Ann Richards

In 1941, while the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. came across itself in a complete battle, the folk of Texas rallied to the warfare attempt. women and men rushed to affix the defense force. those that remained behind—men, ladies, and children—were infantrymen at the domestic entrance: They rolled bandages, noticed plane, educated for air raids, stuffed jobs left vacant through carrier males, accumulated scrap scrimped and stored and bought through with rationed sugar, meat, footwear, tires, and gasoline. Texas grew to become a middle for education and equipping the best struggle laptop the area had ever seen.

World conflict II replaced Texas from oil and farm animals and cotton to and agribusiness.The know-how that grew out of the war—radar, tv, jet plane, air-con for the masses—made a Texas that had no longer been imagined sooner than 1941. And the Texans themselves replaced, as they left the kingdom for remote places and for different elements of the USA. They left the rustic for the town to paintings in and such a lot may by no means go back to the farm other than in retirement years.

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There was little toleration of any ideology that disrupted the business of business. Texans deplored the persecution of the Jews in Europe, but at home, racism against blacks was strong, against Hispanics growing. Polls taken in the late '30s indicated that most Texans thought Adolf Hitler was at the least a nuisance and at most an evil force in the world. Many Page 29 voiced the opinion that he ought to be stopped, although no one suggested that the United States should be the one to do it. Giving Bundles to Britain was one thing; shouldering up next to her for a fight was something else.

This incident cost more American lives. Mothers guarded their houses and children with guns. Some planned to kill themselves rather than be taken prisoner. Page 21 The President and Congress acted swiftly. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech before Congress on December 8th led to a declaration of war against Japan. Only one member of Congress, Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin from Wyoming, voted against the declaration, just as she had against Wilson's call for war in 1917. On December 11, the country also went to war with Germany and Italy.

GOVERNOR ANN W. RICHARDS Page v Introduction For many of us, the modern world begins with World War II. "The War," as most of us still call it, changed our lives. Directly or indirectly, it brought us airline travel, super-highways, television, computers, microwaves, fast foods, Xerox, supermarkets, and air-conditioned malls. World War II is responsible for instant international mass communication, miracle drugs, overpopulation, worldwide pollution, and gigantic cities. Before the war, there were 2 billion of us on the planet.

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