A New Life (Escape Series, Book 1) by David J. Antocci

By David J. Antocci

After saving a drowning guy in the course of a savage typhoon, Abby wakes up in a tropical paradise in a struggle for her existence. She has no suggestion how she acquired there, and notices alterations in herself that she can't clarify. Haunted through unsettling desires of her previous, she units out to flee, joined by way of Eric, who reveals himself within the similar hindrance. status of their approach is a madman, and his band of keen fans, with a state of mind on murdering their unwelcome viewers. An eccentric hermit who has been residing there for years bargains them shelter, yet they have to deny his generosity. get away is their in simple terms choice. but, they become aware of this misleading paradise is tougher to depart than they'd ever imagined. One secret results in one other, until eventually their get away throws them into even better chance as Abby’s scary earlier eventually catches up along with her. Her break out is barely the start.

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