Advanced Csharp Programming by Paul Kimmel

By Paul Kimmel

This complicated source is perfect for knowledgeable programmers looking sensible ideas to genuine difficulties. observe important coding strategies and most sensible practices whereas studying to grasp Microsoft's most modern cross-platform programming language. This definitive advisor will aid you expertly follow and combine C# into what you are promoting functions. Create consumer controls, lighting tricks textual content, dynamic person interfaces, customized attributes--plus, you are going to additionally locate trustworthy defense and authentication tools.

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Summary> class Class1 { private static string arg0 = null; ///

/// The main entry point for the application. ReadLine(); } } } The statement in boldface defines a static field. Because we are assigning the value of args[0] to the private field arg0, and there is no instance of Class1. The Main method is a starting point for a console application. We could use it for that purpose only and revise the class accordingly to perform the same task but while using an instance of the class.

There are a few trade-offs. C# is managed code. The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the slicing problem caused by bad pointers, and the garbage collector will help you avoid memory leaks. The trade-off is the relinquishment of raw pointers. Pointers support some advanced idioms, like reference-counted objects and access to all memory. This same access to any memory address provides ultimate control and responsibility. With power comes responsibility. ) C# is most like C++ in its grammar.

The three slash marks (///) is a special comment used to support automatic documentation generation, and the // and /* */ comment styles are supported in C# too. The class definition is provided next. By default, auto-generated code constructs are given the name type number—for example, Class1, where Class is derived from the type of construct, a class, and the number is appended as a suffix to ensure a unique name. You are encouraged to provide a descriptive name for your classes. Inside the basic console application, we have the startup procedure Main.

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