Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Webster's Chinese-Traditional by Mark Twain

By Mark Twain

This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various versions of Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This variation could

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Climb: 爬, 攀登. fled: 逃离. flew: 飞. foolish: 愚蠢的. forgive: 包涵, 包容, 原谅, 宽恕, 饶恕. genuine: 真正, 纯正, 恳切, 纯正的. girl: 女孩, 姑娘, 女孩子. groans: 呻吟. handsomely: 漂亮地, 慷慨地. hurt: 伤害, 使受伤. imagination: 想像力, 想像. laughed: 笑. lip: 唇, 嘴唇, 口头上的. loose: 松开, 松弛的. nevertheless: 还是, 然而. nonsense: 无聊, 废话, 屁话. reached: 到达. reality: 现实, 实际. restored: 恢复. shut: 关闭. sore: 疼痛, 疮, 疼痛的. suffering: 痛苦, 熬煎, 苦难. toe: 脚趾. tooth: 牙齿. town: 城镇, 城市, 市镇. trembled: 发抖. 44 Adventures of Tom Sawyer "There, there, now, don't begin that groaning again.

Fertile: 肥沃, 肥沃的. grab: 抓住, 攫取, 抓斗. groaning: 呻吟. harvest: 收成, 收割, 收获. heathen: 异教徒. heel: 脚跟, 踵, 踝部. hind: 后面的. instantly: 即刻, 即刻地. pew: 教堂长凳. polishing: 抛光. prisoner: 犯人, 罪犯, 囚犯. restive: 难控制的. rubbing: 研磨, 拓片, 摩擦. sailors: 海员. scoundrelly: 卑鄙的, 无赖的. seed: 种子, 播种. slender: 细, 细长, 细长的. stormy: 暴风雨的. supplication: 恳求. tally: 相符, 吻合, 记录. tidings: 消息. toilet: 厕所, 更衣室. unfair: 不公, 不公平, 不公平的. vigorously: 大力, 勃然, 起劲, 激烈地. yielding: 易弯曲的, 柔顺的. Mark Twain 39 it was an argument that dealt in limitless fire and brimstone and thinned the predestined elect down to a company so small as to be hardly worth the saving.

Fellow: 同伴, 伙伴. forget: 忘记, 忘, 忘却. gentleman: 绅士. glad: 高兴, 高兴的. glance: 一瞥, 匆匆一看. grain: 谷类. greatness: 伟大. jealous: 妒忌, 妒忌的. mainly: 主要地. manly: 男子气, 男子气的. owing: 基於. parent: 父母亲, 家长, 母亲, 父亲. precious: 宝贵, 珍贵, 贵重, 宝贵的. proud: 傲岸, 骄矜, 骄傲的, 自豪的. splendid: 彪炳, 卓越, 辉煌, 灿烂的, 精彩, 辉煌的. tears: 泪, 泪水, 眼泪. thomas: 汤姆斯. wisdom: 智慧. Mark Twain 35 my own, always--it's all owing to right bringing up! That is what you will say, Thomas--and you wouldn't take any money for those two thousand verses--no indeed you wouldn't.

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