AOP in .NET Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming by Matthew D. Groves

By Matthew D. Groves

AOP in .NET introduces aspect-oriented programming to .NET builders and offers functional counsel on find out how to get the main take advantage of this method on your daily coding. The books many examples be aware of modularizing non-functional requisites that frequently sprawl all through object-oriented initiatives. no matter if youve by no means attempted AOP ahead of, youll take pleasure in the easy advent utilizing frequent C#-based examples. AOP instruments for .NET have now reached the extent of functional adulthood Java builders have trusted for a few years, and youll discover the major strategies, PostSharp, and chateau DynamicProxy.

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This particular antipattern has been called shotgun surgery. Code other than the main business logic gets mixed in via copy/paste over and over with other code, much like a burst from a shotgun shell spreads out all over a target. Avoiding this pattern is the point of the Single Responsibility Principle: a class should have only one reason to change. Although surgery with a shotgun may accomplish one task (like removing an appendix), it will cause many other problems. Surgery should be done with a more precise tool, such as a laser or a scalpel.

That is, we want all the data layer calls to succeed (commit), or for none of them to succeed (rollback). This business logic class might not be the best place for this operation, particularly because we’re unsure about exactly what persistence technology will be used. But hypothetically, it could be put in this layer. Transactions reference). Combining with a try/catch block, we can add transaction code to the Accrue implementation, as shown next. 7 Same method as last section, but we continue to build on it by using a transaction.

Com> 22 CHAPTER 2 Acme Car Rental Then, we’ll take one more pass at refactoring the code, this time with PostSharp. We’ll isolate the individual cross-cutting concerns into their own classes. Once we’ve refactored, we’ll examine some of the benefits of using AOP, particularly with regard to adding more features (such as more business logic). At the end of this chapter, you should have a good idea of how to use AOP and understand its benefits. a. Acme Rewards). The goal of this program is to reward customers for their repeat business and, it is hoped, to increase sales.

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