Applied .NET Attributes by Jason Bock, Tom Barnaby

By Jason Bock, Tom Barnaby

This publication makes a speciality of part of .NET known as 'attributes'. Attributed programming is a characteristic of .NET that continues to be rather unexplored and unknown, but is intensely very important and may turn into extra very important over the years. Attributes are used to change the runtime habit of code within the .NET framework. The booklet covers the basics of attributes, universal .NET attributes, use of customized attributes, and complex ideas.

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Net Framework class library documentation for details. 2 DateTime Formatting The code part of a format specification for an object of type DateTime may be one of the predefined standard DateTime formatting codes: Code Character F or f G or g s u U R and r D or d Y and y M and m T or t Format Full date and time, with (F) or without (f) seconds General date and time, with (G) or without (g) seconds Sortable date and time in ISO 8601 format Universal sortable local date and time Universal sortable date and time: F converted to UTC RFC 1123 standard full date and time Full date, long (D) or short (d) format Year and month Month and date Time, with (T) or without (t) seconds The code part of a format specification for an object of type DateTime may also be a custom DateTime formatting pattern, which is a combination of one or more of the many predefined custom DateTime formatting codes.

If the returntype is void, then the method does not return a value, and no return statement in the method-body can have an expression argument. If the returntype is not void, it must be a type and the method must return a value: it must not be possible for execution to reach the end of method-body without executing a return statement. Moreover, every return statement must have an expression argument whose type is implicitly convertible to the returntype. 8). 3). Classes 43 Example 52 Method Name Overloading and Signatures This class declares four overloaded methods M whose signatures are M(int) and M(bool) and M(int, double) and M(double, double).

WriteLine(c + " came up " + freq[c-1] + " times"); Example 35 Using an Initialized Array Method CheckDate below checks whether a given date is legal in a non-leap year. The array should be created once, outside the method; otherwise a distinct new array is created for every call to the method. static readonly int[] days = { 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31 }; static bool CheckDate(int mth, int day) { return (mth >= 1) && (mth <= 12) && (day >= 1) && (day <= days[mth-1]); } Example 36 Array Element Assignment Type Check at Run-Time This program compiles all right, but at run-time a[2]=p1 throws ArrayTypeMismatchException, since the class Point of the object bound to p1 is not implicitly convertible to a’s element type RedPoint.

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