Are Lobsters Ambidextrous?: An Imponderables Book by David Feldman

By David Feldman

Consider, in the event you will ... Has an individual ever obvious a stay Cornish online game rooster? Why do quarterbacks say "Hut"? Why do "sea" gulls congregate in parking plenty of buying facilities? What does the "Q" in Q-Tips stand for? popular culture guru David Feldman demystifies those questions and lots more and plenty extra in Are Lobsters Ambidextrous? a part of the Imponderables® series—the unchallenged resource of solutions to civilization's daily mysteries—and charmingly illustrated by way of Kassie Schwan, this publication provide you with details that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs simply do not need. and give it some thought, the place else are you going to determine what occurs to the caffeine left over from making decaffeinated espresso?

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Otherwise, the creaking noises might lead us to the same fate as Janet Leigh’s in Psycho. Submitted by Joanne Walker of Ashland, Massachusetts. Thanks also to Dr. Emil S. Dickstein of Youngstown, Ohio. Why do dogs drool? And why do some dogs drool much more than other dogs? In order to execute a proper drool, a dog must have two weapons at its disposal: a lot of saliva and a lot of lip. Getting a dog to salivate is as easy as exposing it to food—the smell of it, the taste of it, the anticipation of it, the consumption of it—and, as Pavlov proved, to any conditioned reflexes associated with feeding.

7. Wood and concrete sag. 8. Wood, in particular, tends to expand when exposed to high humidity and contract in dry conditions. When humidity decreases noticeably, such as when heat is put on to warm a room in winter, the wood creaks noticeably. 9. Any material adjoining another material with different movement characteristics is in danger of scraping against another or moving away from the other, which can cause movement and noise. 10. All of the above movements can and do cause noise, but the most common noise associated with “settling” is the actual expansion and contraction of the building.

Colonialists in America adopted the English wine gallon, based on the size of then-used hogsheads (barrels) of 231 cubic inches. 420 cubic inches. Meanwhile, Americans were basking in the freedom of a participatory republic but were saddled with an anachronistic wine gallon. In both the English and American systems, one gallon equals four quarts and eight pints, but English portions were significantly larger. To compound the standardization problem, the British decided to use the same system to measure liquid and dry substances.

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