Bastial Sentinels (The Rhythm of Rivalry, Book 5) by B. T. Narro

By B. T. Narro

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ISBN: 1499212453
EAN: 9781499212457
Publisher: CreateSpace self sustaining Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2014-04-20
Number of Pages: 416
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In this epic fruits of the sequence, Cleve returns to Greenedge in hopes of preserving the struggle from attaining his native land. yet he by no means anticipated what's occurred in his absence. The 4 kings were killed by way of an rising military, displacing Jek and the Takarys-Cleve's simply relied on allies. desirous to locate them, he turns to the very guy accountable for their absence. in the meantime, Jek faces the hardest problem of his lifestyles while his king is murdered and he's pressured to escape the land he's sworn to guard. Now with 5 armies at battle, Jek struggles to appreciate who he can be struggling with opposed to, specially whilst his outdated pal Cleve is noticeable marching with identified enemies. no matter what Jek comes to a decision, it had greater be quickly. the fairway fog of desmarls covers extra of the continent on a daily basis. The man-eating monsters develop hungry, and their muscle a ways exceeds any of the 5 armies at war.

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The balcony dropped away, the king looking up with shock as he lost his footing. The fall was brief. In the moonlight, Szeth watched solemnly—vision still fuzzy, blinded in one eye—as the structure crashed to the stone ground below. The wall of the palace trembled, and the crash of broken wood echoed from the nearby buildings. Still standing on the side of the wall, Szeth groaned, climbing to his feet. He felt weak; he’d used up his Stormlight too quickly, straining his body. He stumbled down the side of the building, approaching the wreckage, barely able to remain standing.

Some were shattered, blasted-out sections where Surgebinders had fought. Less frequently, he passed cracked, oddly shaped hollows where thunderclasts had ripped themselves free of the stone to join the fray. Many of the bodies around him were human; many were not. Blood mixed. Red. Orange. Violet. Though none of the bodies around him stirred, an indistinct haze of sounds hung in the air. Moans of pain, cries of grief. They did not seem like the sounds of victory. Smoke curled from the occasional patches of growth or heaps of burning corpses.

They have the Radiants. ” Kalak shook his head. “He will not remain bound by this. The enemy. He will find a way around it. ” The king of Heralds offered no further explanation. ” Kalak asked. The flesh burning. The fires. The pain over and over and over… “Better that one man should suffer than ten,” Jezrien whispered. He seemed so cold. Like a shadow caused by heat and light falling on someone honorable and true, casting this black imitation behind. Jezrien walked back to the ring of swords.

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