Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 with C by Chris Hart; et al

By Chris Hart; et al

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All registrations and machine-level customizations occur automatically when the first request hits the site. Development Tools Microsoft has spent considerable effort improving tools for building ASP pages, namely the Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer, and Visual Web Developer Express products. 0, these IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) allow drag-and-drop building of pages. Most common actions are either automatic or guided with wizards. In cases where typing is required, the IDE provides intelligent completion of most phrases.

Browse to the folder where you stored the download for this book, probably named C:\BegASPNET2\WroxUnitedCS. Open the Images folder and select all the images. Click Add to actually copy those images from the download folder to your site’s image folder. 6. Staying in VWD, now create your next page, the history of Wrox United. \Chapter01 at the top of the Solution Explorer) and select Add New Item from the menu. Select the Web Form template and give it the name History. Accept the other default settings.

The double browser icon is used to copy the entire site to the deployment machine. The right-most icon, with the hammer, opens a Web Administrator tool to manage features of the site. 11 Chapter 1 Figure 1-2 At the bottom of the Solution Explorer may be a small task bar that shows tabs for the Solution Explorer, Toolbox, Data Explorer, and/or Properties windows. To conserve monitor real estate these four tools are frequently stacked and the tabs offer quick switching. For example, in Figure 1-2, the Toolbox is also open (albeit hidden behind the Solution Explorer) and clicking the Toolbox tab would hide the Solution Explorer behind it.

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