Beginning SQL Server Modeling: Model-Driven Application by Bart Weller

By Bart Weller

Starting SQL Server Modeling can assist you achieve a entire realizing of the way to use DSLs and different modeling parts within the improvement of SQL Server implementations. most significantly, after analyzing the booklet and dealing throughout the examples, you may have substantial adventure utilizing SQL Modeling elements, as the e-book and accompanying resource code take you thru the stairs of truly development strategies utilizing the platform.

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Info CHAPTER 3  DOMAIN-SPECIFIC LANGUAGES 101: LOLA’S LUNCH COUNTER Server. When the image file generated by the M compiler is installed in the Repository database, this would result in a table of SandwichOrders. ) Figure 3-18 shows the results of the first of these changes. Figure 3-18. Changing the Main syntax role and adding the SandwichOrder syntax rule You still have the Blue on Blue problem, but in the generated M Graph you are identifying the Lunchmeat and Bread data components, even if there are no semantic constraints on these.

And not just the word Wheat) is underlined with red squiggles, indicating the error is generated by the entire string. Reviewing the error list makes this clearer. The first error in the list indicates the processor accepts the presented string up to the character “W” in Wheat, but after that, it keeps checking for the first character of a valid string, which is the first character of the only acceptable statement. ” Figure 3-9 shows the result. You see errors (again, the red squiggles) at the two spaces, but the processor, based on the new grammar definition in the center pane, generates the new M Graph code anyway—so at least it’s not a fatal error this time.

The left view displays the text of the DSL input, while the right view, which is read-only, displays the resulting M Graph output generated by the DSL grammar (contained in the center view). Figure 2-26. DSL Grammar mode with DSL input and M Graph output views List mode is used internally by some Intellipad features to display a buffer showing a list whose items can be clicked to navigate to the selected destination buffer. I have already briefly touched on the M Graph mode, used in conjunction with the DSL Grammar mode.

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