Beginning Visual C# (Programmer to Programmer) by Karli Watson

By Karli Watson

What's this booklet about?With starting visible C#, you are going to the right way to use visible C# from first ideas. visible C# is an object-oriented programming language designed in particular for programming Microsoft's new platform, the .NET Framework. you will quick and simply the best way to write visible C# code and create your personal functions — for either home windows and the Web.What does this publication cover?With transparent motives and hands-on examples, you are going to find out about the subsequent topics:The C# language from the floor upDesigning and writing object-oriented programs.NET programming with C#Working with home windows kinds and controlsCreating images and printingAccessing databases and filesWriting internet software and net companies in visible C#This ebook might be an vital consultant as you discover ways to write C# courses, progressively explaining the main innovations of visible C# and .NET as your talents advance, with routines on the finish of chapters to check your self. beginning with a radical educational of the visible C# language and object-oriented programming, you are going to growth to profit how one can follow your knowing to programming the .NET Framework.Who is that this booklet for?Beginning visible C# is perfect for newbies with little history in programming, and for really green programmers who are looking to movement from a language that does not help object-oriented programming strategies. The ebook strikes at a quick sufficient speed that when you have programmed in one other language, then you definitely will nonetheless locate the booklet valuable.What do you want to exploit this book?Note that starting visible C# calls for you to have entry to both visible Studio .NET or visible C# .NET ordinary variation.

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Byte Integer between 0 and 255. Int16 Integer between –32768 and 32767. UInt16 Integer between 0 and 65535. Int32 Integer between –2147483648 and 2147483647. UInt32 Integer between 0 and 4294967295. Int64 Integer between – 9223372036854775808 and 9223372036854775807. UInt64 Integer between 0 and 18446744073709551615. The "u"s before some variable names are shorthand for "unsigned", meaning that we can't store negative numbers in variables of those types, as can be seen in the Allowed Values column of the table.

If we want to add a line break we can use the escape sequence for a carriage return in our string, which is \n. "; would be displayed on two lines in the console view as follows: This string has a line break. All escape sequences consist of the backslash symbol followed by one of a small set of characters (we'll look at the full set a little later). Because this symbol is used for this purpose there is also an escape sequence for the backslash symbol itself, which is simply two consecutive backslashes, \\.

WriteLine() is called is not our concern. Later on, the significance of this additional code will be made clear. Chapter 3: Variables and Expressions 39 40 Chapter 3: Variables and Expressions Chapter 3 - Variables and Expressions byKarli Watsonet al. Wrox Press 2003 Variables As discussed in the introduction to this chapter, variables are concerned with the storage of data. Essentially, we can think of variables in computer memory as boxes sitting on a shelf. With boxes we can put things in and take them out again, or we can just look inside a box to see if anything is there.

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