Biologie und Medizin by Prof. Dr. Ludwig von Bertalanffy (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Ludwig von Bertalanffy (auth.)

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Hence N is a finite union of stationary sets. 5. Let Q be a bounded open set and let

_ 1. 2 and extend

1 in such a way that the values of the extension are contained in a small neighbourhood of K,. + 1 • The values of tP on f 1 u ... + 1 will then obviously be contained in a small neighbourhood of T,.. After a finite number of steps

i is a homogeneous polynomial of degree mi in the variables ~ 1 , •..

5. Let U, V: S--+S be two free involutions. Then K(U, V) = 1. 6. Let n be even and let U, V: S--+S be two free periodic maps of periods p and q, respectively, where q divides p. P. 4 Odd and Even Vector Fields. A field of unit vectors is called even if (-x)=x (xES). It is called odd if (-x)= -x (xES). Obviously, an 1 Translator's note: This seems to present some difficulty, since k will not be an integer. It seems that the difficulty can be resolved by noting that a( U) and p are relatively prime.

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